Johannes Holt-Iversen

A modern abstract painter and artist.

Johannes Holt Iversen (b. 1989) is a passionate young painter recently relocated to Copenhagen. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Digital Media from The University of Aalborg. Johannes has been exploring music, painting and drawing most his life. His work centres particularly on the spontaneous abstraction, a work-method that is known from the abstract painters in Europe during the post-war period, as well as from the avant-garde art movements CoBrA and the Situationist International.

Johannes updates these methods by incorporating his own generation's street art, outsider art and his immediate choice of colours and subject matter. The pictorial compositions lead the viewer to explore the richly detailed abstract shapes and humorous grotesque details. He catches your curiosity with his animal-like creatures, and new stories seem to arise whenever you revisit his drawings and paintings.


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