Mille Hammer

Ceramic artist with a background as an architect

Mille Hammer has a well-developed and powerful sense of aesthetics, and excellent creative skills in handcrafting clay and ceramics. She has always worked with an artistic and intuitive approach to architecture, and is experienced in graphics and product design as well. As an artist, Mille Hammer has discovered the joy of exploring and working with clay, the primary inspiration for this work coming from the complex structures and shapes in nature.

Mille Hammer identifies and draws out the natural beauty and the finer details that we often fail to notice in our daily lives, and translates it into sculpture. Instead of imagining a picture-postcard version of nature, she reveals what actually lies underneath all these living wonders of the world. The roots that draw water, giving life to the plants and trees, is the essence of Mille Hammer’s expression in her art and vases. Letting these vessels root in our spaces can remind us to find grounding and calmness in the chaotic pace of urban living.

We are so proud to introduce you to this very talented and sweet young designer, and we cannot wait to show you more of her creations.


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