Nynne Rosenvinge

A passionate artist with a drive to create. 

Nynne Rosenvinge is a Danish artist based in Copenhagen. She makes paintings and illustrations that are characterised by their minimalistic, often non-figurative and contemporary style. Nynne integrates elements from her paintings into her illustrations (and vice versa), creating a unique and personal expression. Creative since childhood, she pursued a professional career in commercial design before discovering that she wanted to focus her energy on her art full-time. Nynne’s illustrations can be found in the finest design shops in Denmark and abroad, as well as being featured in interior magazines and on exclusive design blogs.

Nynne Rosenvinge created the limited edition of artworks called ‘Pieces of Gold’ solely for Another Ballroom. Each piece has gold-leaf flakes integrated into the background, and when light catches the little gold specks, the artwork ‘comes to life’. The work can bring to mind the big bang and where it all began - the darkness and the light - leading you into the holistic mind-set of how things are interconnected, and how everything depends on everything else. For the gold to shine, light is a necessary, and without the light, darkness is nothing.

All art pieces are made on acid-free aquarelle paper, and fit perfectly into a 50x70cm frame. They are available in two different shapes and colours: circular or rectangular and deep black or deep dark blue. All pieces are signed by the artist.

I am in love with the exquisite style created by art and interior gallery Another Ballroom, and it has been an honour to create something personal and unique just for them.” - Nynne Rosenvinge


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