Pale Grain

An experimental image-making project founded by Mert Sahbaz.

Mert Sahbaz is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Mert works with his own archival photos. With the help of both digital and physical tools, he modifies and alters those regular photographs, creating a series of images that later become limited edition prints.

All work is made on heavy matte paper (300 gr. Munken Pure), which has a sensuous, velvet-like matte surface. This paper gives an extreme sense of depth to the images; a feeling that you can almost travel into the given scenes. Again the nature is becoming a part of the environment and a travel to where it all starts and ends. Pale Grain succeeds in describing these moments you want to never end.

There is a slightly naïve and humble touch to the images, as if they were taken by mistake and the results turned out much more beautiful than intended. The image ‘The Beach’ was made exclusively for Another Ballroom.


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