Tortus Copenhagen

The absolute and rare example of true ceramic artistry.

Tortus is about the love of making and a passion for materials. So like the noble tortoise from which they derived their name, they move at their own humble pace. Tortus is dedicated to the modern adaptation of traditional and time-tested making methods; their goal is to create objects of a timeless quality and beauty. The outstanding production is based on a seamless dialogue between design and handwork, and drives an ever-evolving series of ceramics that are rich in form, colour and texture, making each encounter with the objects something unique.

Eric grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and has a degree in economics from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. He got his first potter’s wheel at age 16, and has been addicted to working with clay ever since. Eric came to Denmark in 1997, where he decided to continue his education in a direction far away from economics - he was admitted to The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, and graduated with a degree in ceramics in 2003. We are so pleased that he made that decision, as his work is absolutely fantastic.

Eric never lacks the motivation to turn clay: nature is his timeless source of inspiration. It is also nature that intervenes in the creative process, where Eric Landon celebrates the organic and uncontrollable aspects that can arise when the pieces are exposed to the extremely high temperatures of the kiln.

Watching Eric Landon throw a vessel on a potter’s wheel really helps you to appreciate the process, and to realize that each vessel is made with such care and passion out of his studio. And it makes these unique pieces worth every cent. Every piece in our selection is carefully chosen to match our all over style at Another Ballroom, and each piece is a unika, or one-of-a-kind object - a hand-thrown vessel that can never be made twice.


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